Brandon Luedtke is a Physicians Assistant with a focus on psychiatry. He received his master’s degree in Physician Assistant Studies from Central Michigan University where he was a faculty liaison on the executive board. Brandon is a member of the American Academy of PAs as well as the Michigan Academy of PAs. He is a Michigan native and enjoys spending time outdoors.

​Our Psychiatry Services​​

Psychiatric medication services through Lakeshore Therapy occur in conjunction with psychotherapy, adhering to the best practice model. 

Research has shown medications for conditions such as depression and anxiety are most effective when administered alongside current regular talk therapy. As a result, Lakeshore Therapy always provides the support of a qualified therapist to help work through thinking patterns and the development of coping skills alongside the use of medications, if they are needed.

Psychiatric Evaluation

A psychiatric evaluation is a first-time meeting with a psychiatrist, physician assistant or nurse practitioner with a psychiatry specialty to help decide if medications are right for you. A current diagnosis and plan of care will be developed with you by one of our qualified psychiatric staff members.

If you already take medication, this meeting gives you an opportunity to express how your medications have been affecting you and how the doctor can help you work with the symptoms or side effects you could still be dealing with to find the best possible medication for your optimal level of wellness.

You can expect this initial meeting to last 45 minutes to one hour. Meeting with your psychiatrist, psychiatric physician assistant or nurse practitioner helps to give a complete picture of your overall mental health plan of care.

Medication Management

Medication Management is the follow-up meeting after your psychiatric evaluation that you would have with your psychiatric medical professional through Lakeshore Therapy. You can receive ongoing patient-centered Medication Management that optimizes safe, effective, and appropriate use of Mental Health medications.

If you are taking medications for your Mental Health, it is important to receive regular check-ups from a Psychiatric specialist to make sure that your medications are working the best that they possibly can for you. These meetings give you an opportunity to provide feedback on how the medications are working to minimize the side effects and maximize the benefits for your individual medication needs.  

You can expect these follow up meetings to last 15-25 minutes. Medication Management meetings with your psychiatrist, psychiatric physician assistant or nurse practitioner helps to monitor your ongoing mental health plan of care for your best outcome.

GeneSight® Testing

Stop wondering which medication is right for you and start on your road to recovery. Treating mental health disorders can often be a long, frustrating process as you and your doctor spend months trying multiple medications for depression and other conditions at different doses to find the medication that works for you. During this time you could end up missing work, paying for multiple doctor visits, or losing hope that you’ll ever find a medication that can help you. There’s a better way.

The GeneSight® test analyzes your DNA and helps your doctor get a better understanding of what medication might work best based on your genetic makeup. Using the GeneSight test report, your doctor can personalize your treatment plan, finding the right medication faster and avoiding medicines that may cause side effects. Find out more by clicking 

Dr. Ali Ibrahim is board-certified in general psychiatry and psychosomatic medicine and has over 26 years of psychiatry experience. He is a Fellow in the American Psychiatric Association for the contribution and advancement of the Psychiatry field. He earned his medical degree at the University of Health Sciences Antigua School of Medicine and completed his psychiatry residency at Advocate Lutheran General Hospital in Chicago. Dr. Ibrahim is a Clinical Associate Professor at Michigan State University, College of Human Medicine where he has received several faculty teaching awards.

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